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 Priscilla Dodrill is a local artist, native to the Eastern Central Florida coastline. She draws inspiration from her early beginnings of wandering Florida’s emerald beaches along the Panhandle to the variety of natural beauty she saw while growing up in Howard County, Maryland. From beachscapes of the subtropics to sailboats and marine life of the Chesapeake Bay, Priscilla has always felt at home near the water, and enjoys sharing that sense of calm with her viewers.

    After graduating from The Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, Virginia with a BFA in Media Arts and Animation in 2009, she has kept up with and experimented with different art styles. Ranging from storyboards and logos, to fine art and cartoon illustrations, she has worked on independent films and participated in fine art gallery shows. She has painted in studio for denim fashion pieces and has been drawing smiles and creating memories at Walt Disney World Resort for almost 8 years as a caricature artist. In addition, you can find her three children's books on Amazon!

Currently, she resides in Central Florida with her husband and two cats.

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